Top 10 . 22nd March 1999
Its been quite a week. We've had more pictures than we thought we would, however, the quality was somewhat lacking. The majority of pictures that came in were of the, "Look! its a ped, and he's on fire, hahahahah". Fuckin hilarious man(!). Come on guys, be a bit more creative! To mark this extra special acheivment in shite, later this week, on this page, we'll release the pics that DIDNT make it, and why. Should give you an idea of what to send to us. In the meantime though, enjoy.  

Paint the Town Red
DIY. Just take one lamppost......

Ben Webster

Got a light boy
Some peds'll do anything to get famous.


Hung Car
Wrong checkpoint, Wrong checkpoint, Wrong checkpoint.......

Marty Bowers

Bumper Inspector
There seems to be something stuck under your car sir

Tim Richardson

Windscreen Wiper
Want ya windscreen washed mate?


Dead End
A Bad Day.

LL Hell

Its the best bit of the cow you know.


Head and Shoulders
Lord Mountbatten would be proud! :)


Outa My WAY!
Troubled times at Tesco


Good Performance
Our nomination for Best Actress (bet she wouldnt have blubbed like a freshly clubbed baby seal either, if she'd won)

A few notes on the above pictures.

Ben Webster is from Stainless Software (if you didnt know). You may all think that we are being biased by putting his pic on top of the list, well we dont care. Its one of the best shots we have, and certainly the best of this weeks pics (you probably agree anyway!)

Marty Bowers at Number 3 sent us this little description of what happened:
I was just driving along moving pretty good through Max's Junkyard. I was just around a curve (the one with the glass building on it and a downhill right afterward with a checkpoint at the bottom) going backwards along the course. due to the downhill, I caught some pretty good air and smashed into the checkpoint. this is something I have done many times before, but this time I got stuck on the checkpoint. my car was literally hung up on the checkpoint! I tried everything (short of recovering) but could not get un-stuck.

 So, Your picture didnt make the Top 10 eh?  
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