Top 10 . 15th March 1999
Well, here we are in the first ever run down of the Top 10 Carmageddon II pics. So far all the pictures have been submitted by either Freaky, Cakes or Fireman Mike. You wanna see your name at the top of the list? Yeah? Just click over on the "send yours" button and submit YOUR OWN. Who knows, next time, it could be you!  

An incredible display of acrobatics


Remote Splat
Unfortunately their passion for remote control cars ultimately led to their demise......

Nice Tits
Get em out for the lads luv...

Bloody Tourists
Everybody's gone surfin'

Dont push me cause I'm close to the.... edge....

Top of the World
(sing)I'm on top of the world lookin, down on creation...

He's probably gonna ask me directions.

Mclaren's demonstration wasnt entirely successful

Sheep Shagged
Mmmmmmmmm Dodgy lamb sandwich

You will obey my Authorotah.