Links to other great Carma sites

There's loads of great sites out there. Most of them deal with Car/Ped creation(s) and cheats. Here are just a select few of what we believe to be the best. If you think we've missed your site off, Email us, and we'll add YOU to our list.

Pedestrian Precinct
Fantastic site. Updated more often than many other similar sites. It has a large archive of all the files you could possibly need, and a HUGE expanding (!) tips sections. Another great site, frequently updated by Ratty. Server also plays host to Carma editing geniuses, The Toxic Rangers.

Crash 'n' Burn Carmageddon Fan Club
More editing madness, updated news all about Skins/Peds/Cars Another regularly updated news site, good reliable info. (in other words) Super, smashing, Great!

Dukester's Meltdown Carmageddon Custom Corner (CCC)
Creator of the Thrill Race TC. A number of cars and good little snippets of info are here. Has a Body Shop, Paint shop and other enhancements. The body shop has some fantastic High Quality Paintjobs (Textures!) - A MUST Visit!!

Carmageddon 2 Carnage Carmageddon Games Network (CGN)
Nice little site run by Crimmo - good design. Its unique cause of his Loadscreens section. However - you can't access the site through Netscape :( Good source for news and files. Up to date, brimming with goodies.