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Reality Check Network, 15 for Reality Check Network | Defacto2
Reality Check Network, 22 for Reality Check Network | Defacto2
inpHilltr8r - Recherche Google
Defacto, 8 for Defacto | Defacto2
CV, Curriculum Vitae, Resume
Graffë Forums
Magic Lantern / Developer Wiki / SDK_Build_Environment_using_Microsoft_Visual_Studio
F1 Manager Professional (1997) DOS credits - MobyGames
BRender - Carmageddon Wiki
SGI FireWalker - Recherche Google
PC Zone - Issue 077 (1999-06)(Dennis Publishing...
commentaires de samlittlewood sur 17 year old 'Carmageddon' debugging symbols file dumped
BRender - Blazing Renderer
About Argonaut Technologies
Internet Archive Search: "argonaut" "brender"
EDGE.N010.1994.07 : Future Publishing : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
wireframe express
Brevet US7091991 - 3D stereo browser for the internet - Google Brevets
Silicon Graphics??
Freelancer 2120 Imagitec Design PC/Jaguar..Possibly Amiga? | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure
Intelligent Gamer Issue 1 - Intelligent Gamer - Retromags Community
QWC Exec. Produced first 10 3D games and co-designed 2 games for Hasbro VR, RUSH, TOASTER revolutionary technical success videogame console system
Unedited scans of PC Gamer magazine : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
BRender specs by 94/95
Post intéressant
About 94 BRender distribution
Earliest BRender promo by Jez
Jez mentions NDA and beta test
CarmaPSX: logfile - BRENDER??
Stainless provided code for BRender tutorials
Mention BRender VR Hasbro CDi2 pg 34
WPNBRDT1.ZIP 1442825 The Brender Development Toolkit V1.4
GL Quake and S3 Virge technology | Page 2 | Beyond3D Forum
3D Graphic Engines: BRender
Atom Zone from Alien Resurrection made with BRender
Alexh worked 97-98 as hardware designer at argonaut
Still about Atom Zone, would be nice contacting the guy
The making of Alien Resurrection PSOne •
Matt Godbolt worked with BRender at some point
BRender system from Argonaut which aided tool developers with the Cyberthug World Builder.
Cyberthug PSX/DOS 96 on BRender
Kanaan didn't use BRender
BRender price range