Addons Series 2

This is just basically the rest of what you don't get to see... what is here took me another 3 hours.

Starting New things:  I did most of the model already, so most of this stuff is pretty straight forward.
Here, I am creating a new line to be the interior trunk.

Connector Lines:  I added a snapped line.  This line is the edge of the hood.

Supporting Lines:  I added some stuff to give it substance, and shape.

Start Polygons:  OK, basically I duplicated the line and froze it, then started polygons based on what I could see.
Odd thing is, I made 3 polygons on the inside of the model....  They will have to go.

Finish:  This is the basic shape, I think in this one I had forgot the front lip for the trunk.

Final product:  This is what she looks like, after it has be flip/copied and welded.  I un-hid the line, it's bright
green basically shows very well the steps it took to get there.

On to the rear:  The circles you see are for placement.  Basically, what I did was to look at the
original and gauge where the tail lights needed to be.  The real mesh will be done with a cylinder, with 
12 sides.  Notice That I added a rectangular shape at the end.... guess you guys don't know what that is.

Basics:  This is the basic positioning of the cylinder.  I will hack off the end polygon on the inside.
The rest will be modified to match a good shape.

Modifications:  Ok, I first adjusted all the right hand side points to match the angle of the inset faceplate.
The other side is reduced slightly using the scale tool only on the points.

Finishing:  After they were sized up a little, I duplicated it and moved it over where the second one 
was supposed to be.  The others are just duplications set at the opposite X location. 
(To figure out how to do that see my building a basic body tut.  Primarily when it talks about wheels.)

Rear Vent:  I decided to go with a very simple box shape for the rear vent, it was done pretty much the 
same way that the lights were, using a box instead of a cylinder.

What the heck is that:  On the real car, it has two drop down things... don't know what they
are called, but the inside set is black.  I duplicated the entire car, and deleted polygons that I
didn't need.  then shifted the points of that thing over from the original, reshaped it slightly
and that is what I got.

More points:  Here I added snap to points where the piece would connect to the body.
I also added a point in the center of the car, kind of a free standing point.

Finished:  This is basically what it looks like when it is done.

Look Ma, another line:  This is the half shape of the engine.

Oooo.... More polygons:  After the line was set, I flip/cloned it, and welded it together.  I
then extruded it with 3 segments.  I did that so I could shape it.

Engine:  Here I got rid of a lot of the polygons and rebuilt them.  I then shaped the whole
thing to look like an engine.

Another Line:  This will be the basic shape for the transmission.  I probably could have done alot more
research on all of this, but at this point, I just want to finish it.

More Lines:  Here, I fleshed out the rest of the transmission.

Polygons:  With all that set, it was easy to add more polygons.

Finished:  After flipping it around a little in the Perspective Viewport.  I finished this half.

The Car.....Oooooo..... Aaaahhhh:  Here is The finished engine and Transmission.  I will not
finish the undercarriage as it would only take a lot of polygons that would be pretty usless.

Seats:  This seat was simply created as a line, kinda shaped like a seat.

Editing:  It was extruded, then edited to get it about in position.

Finished:  I used a trick that was shown in the original tutorials on this.  I scaled two points
which were on the same plane, to make the whole thing.  That was all done in the Left

Steering Wheel:  To start the steering wheel, I used a Taurus with 12 segments and 6 sides.
Notice I started it close to it's actual location so I could get a good size representation.

Adding a new Line:  This line will be the forks which connect it to the steering column.  

3D:  It is edited and extruded here to get the shape right.

Final:  Here it is with another piece added which will comprise the whole column.

Interior:  Here is basically the whole interior, minus the inside doors, as seen from the package rack.

Inside door???:  Yeah that is it.  It is taken from the insides themselves, the mesh is flipped
and some polygons are added to give it an inside.  What happened to the outside?  Well that will
all come together in the end, for right now, you don't need an outside.

Both of em:  Flip/Cloned, there they are.

That's it:  Almost, forgot the rear spoiler... or maybe I didn't Looks kinda cool just like that.