repeated	// Award code, see note 1.
7500		// Credits
30		// Time bonus in seconds
0		// Static centered text message, number of the line [data/text.txt]
0		// Scroller text message, number of description - 10 [data/scrollers.txt]
Note 1: Award code can be none, singleshot, repeated or doitregardless.
None = No awards. Don't write the following lines, as in the empty example.
Singleshot = You get the award only once from this smashable type. Like you don't get an award every time you destroy the petrol pump in city's gas station.
Repeated = Get an award every time you waste this smashable type. (Award from every destroyed petrol pump, for example)
Doitregardless = This was used in "The end"-button, but I don't know what this does. Well, you were able to hit the switch multiple times to see that "Congratulations! It's the end of the world!"-message more than once.