Creates a force which destroys other smashables, Nuke-mission's barrier for example, or petrol pumps destroy other nearby petrol pumps. Switches can release a force, which can destroy barriers, etc. Explosive objects can have splash damage with this. The force itself doesn't affect cars, but the cars can be given mine-powerup with award codes. (Room turn on code = 14) If the player is inside the force area during the destruction, he/she will get the powerup, the mine! In the city track, petrol pumps give the player a mine-powerup, if they are near enough to the petrol pumps when they explode. (Inside the force area)
1		   // Number of side-effects
1 , 1		   // Min, Maxtime before releasing the force (if less than 1, the force will be released immediately)
*.DAT		   // ?
relative	   // See note 1.
-1.5 ,-1.5 ,-1.5   // Force area, 1st corner of the box.
 1.5 , 1.5 , 1.5   // Force area, 2nd corner of the box.
away   	   	   // Toward / Away (?)
4.4		   // Created force. If this is less than target smashable's threshold, the target won't be destroyed. 
Note 1: How the activation area is placed in the world:
Relative: Activation area is around the smashable, the next two coords are the corners of the box, where 0,0,0 is the centre of the smashable.
Absolute: Activation area is somewhere in the world, the next two coords are the corners of the box (world coords), where 0,0,0 is the centre of the world.