Note 1: With this you can order some specific opponents to drive in this race. First write the number of the explicit opponents, and then the opponent numbers on separate lines. You can get the opponent numbers from Data/Opponent.txt. The number of explicit opponents must the same or less than number of opponents. If it's the same, the race has only the cars you have ordered. If it's less, the race has the cars ordered by you, plus the remaining number opponents will be chosen randomly. You can't have more explicit opponents than the number of opponents, or the game will crash. The explicit opponents start from network start places, just like in "Bruise Brothers"-mission.

In the following example Red Eagle, Lady Bug and Kutter drive in the race, and two other will be chosen randomly.
5	        // Number of opponents (-1 = use default)
3		// Number of explicit opponents
0	(Red Eagle)
4	(Lady Bug)
7	(Kutter)
Of course, different C2-players have different addon cars downloaded which are installed in different order, so you can't say: "Econobrick's VW Beetle must drive in this race!" Even the original C2 cars can be moved around in some players' computer, or removed from the game. You can assume that they are in original places. But this is the most useful for yourself.