BRender Tutorial Guide:8 BRender Tools :PALJOIN


PALJOIN is a command line tool that allows you to construct a colour palette using sections of existing palettes.

Command line format: paljoin <input-text-file> <output-palette>

The input text file is read a line at a time. Lines beginning with ; or # are treated as comments. Blank lines are ignored. A valid command lines contains a string identifying the source palette, followed by index_base and range values specifying which colours are to be copied from the source palette. An additional index_base value locates the copied colour range in the output palette.

The text file illustrated below could be used to combine, in a single palette, the first 128 colours in a strip palette (strip.pal) and the last 128 colours in a texture palette (texture.pal).

The following command line would generate the palette described in newpal.txt, and save it as new.pal:

	paljoin newpal.txt new.pal

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