BRender Tutorial Guide:5 Adding Colour:The Program

The Program

Compile and run BRTUTOR5.C to display a revolving blue cube. Note the selected true colour mode. If you are running BRender under DOS, the following line in the hardware initialisation code selects 320 200, 15-bit true colour:

	screen_buffer = DOSGfxBegin("VESA,W:320,H:200,B:15");
The following three lines of code are used to apply the material described in cube.mat to our revolving cube:

	cube_material = BrFmtScriptMaterialLoad("cube.mat");
	cube->material = BrMaterialFind("BLUE MATERIAL");
BrFmtScriptMaterialLoad loads a material from a material script and returns a pointer to an initialised br_material structure. BrMaterialAdd adds the new material to the registry. All materials must be added to the registry before they can be used in rendering.

BrMaterialFind searches for a material by name in the registry. You will recall that BLUE MATERIAL was the name entered in the identifier field in the material script file cube.mat. BrMaterialFind returns a pointer to a br_material (or NULL if the search was unsuccessful).

Use your text editor to experiment with the properties of BLUE MATERIAL, or to create your own material script files.

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