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The Call-Back Function


The Call-Back Function

This type defines a call-back function, which can be specified by using the function Br[Zb|Zs]RenderBoundsCallbackSet()
38|38. It is called for each rendered model actor in the actor hierarchies supplied to Br[Zb|Zs]SceneRender()34|34 and Br[Zb|Zs]SceneRenderAdd()36|37 (it may also be called by Br[Zb|Zs]ModelRender()249|249). It enables an application to perform extra rendering for particular actors, or to perform computations that require information only obtainable just after a model actor has been processed by the rendering engine.

The typedef

(See zbproto.h for a precise declaration)

void br_renderbounds_cbfn(br_actor*, const br_model*, const br_material*, void*, br_uint_8, const br_matrix4*, const br_int_32 [4]) Render bounds call-back

Related Functions

For details of how to specify that a render bounds call-back function should be called during rendering see Br[Zb|Zs]RenderBoundsCallbackSet()38|38.

Functions dedicated for use within rendering call-backs: Br[Zb|Zs]ModelRender()249|249, BrOnScreenCheck()249, BrOriginToScreenXY()251, BrPointToScreenXY()251, BrPointToScreenXYMany()251, BrOriginToScreenXYZO()252, BrPointToScreenXYZO()252, BrPointToScreenXYZOMany()253.

Related Structures

See br_model_custom_cbfn247 for a substitute model rendering call-back.



An application defined call-back function that is called for each rendered model, at some point during rendering - at precisely what point is undefined, except that its parents have been processed (though not necessarily rendered). The pass through equivalent for this call-back is to do nothing. The function may call any non-rendering functions available to a model's custom call-back function - see br_model_custom_cbfn

void BR_CALLBACK CBFnRenderBounds(br_actor* actor, const br_model* model, const br_material* material, void* render_data, br_uint_8 style, const br_matrix4* model_to_screen, const br_int_32 bounds[4])

br_actor * actor

Pointer to model actor referencing the model.

const br_model * model

Pointer to a model that has affected the rendering.

const br_material * material

Pointer to actor's material if defined, or default material otherwise.

void * render_data

If the function is called during a rendering performed by the Z-Sort renderer this will point to the order table into which the model actor's primitives have been inserted.

br_uint_8 style

Actor's rendering style, or default. BRender will not supply BR_RSTYLE_BOUNDING_- or BR_RSTYLE_NONE.

const br_matrix4 * model_to_screen

A pointer to a matrix giving the model to screen transformation.

const br_int_32 bounds[4]

An array containing minimum and maximum screen ordinates of pixels that would be modified in the process of rendering the model. Use the following symbols to obtain each ordinate:

BRender has completed initialisation. Rendering is in progress. The rendering engine has determined that the model will affect pixels in the output buffers.

Behaviour is up to the application. Any of the operations described for br_model_custom_cbfn
247 can be used except Br[Zb|Zs]ModelRender()249|249.

This function may also be called as a result of calling Br[Zb|Zs]ModelRender()249|249, so if you are highlighting a model's edges say, be careful that you don't accidentally over recurse.

Any other BRender functions may be called from within this call-back with the following restrictions:

Possible uses include:

Note that a suitable call to clear the area of a pixel map for the purpose of clearing dirty rectangles only, is as follows:

(	pixel_map
,	bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MIN_X]
,	bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MIN_Y]
,	bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MAX_X]-bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MIN_X]+1L
,	bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MAX_Y]-bounds[BR_BOUNDS_MIN_Y]+1L
,	0

See Also:
br_model_custom_cbfn247, br_primitive_cbfn307, br_pick2d_cbfn268, br_pick3d_cbfn270.


The following functions are provided solely for use within CBFnModelCustom()
247, CBFnPrimitive()307 and CBFnRenderBounds()307 functions (see br_model_custom_cbfn247).

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