Simple movement, from point A to point B. (Cranes, engine pistons)
&CRANE0002.ACT		 // Actor name of moving object.
NOT A FUCKIN LOLLIIIPOP // This is some weird extra axis movement. (Not / XLollipop / YLollipop / ZLollipop) 
DISTANCE	 	// Only moves when in view, or CONSTANT.
STRAIGHT		// Moves on a straight path.
LINEAR			// See note 3.
0 , 0 , -0.1		// Centre of movement.
0.2	  		// Cycles per second, see note 1.
0 , 0 , 0.5		// Amount of movement, see note 2.
NO OBJECT MOVING CUNT   // Object itself doesn't change orientation.
Note 1: Half of the time will go to one direction, and the other half will go to the other direction. (returning)

Crane Note 2: Amount of movement is from center to edge. (Let's say 0.5) That means, that the object goes from center to the edge of the movement. The value will be that distance. (Notice that the distance between both edges is 1.0) Then it returns to center, goes to the other edge, and so on.

Note 3:
Linear: direction changes instantly when the movement edge is reached.
Harmonic: direction slows down smoothly when approaching the edge, and accelerates smoothly again to the other direction.
Flash: Updates the rendering of the movement only in the edges. (Object moves all the time, but it can be seen only in the edge positions, it looks like "teleporting")